KLIFE RolePlay

King Life RolePlay is a brand new and different from other CR: MP bonus servers. Great game mod, responsive administration, many unique systems. Beautiful mapping, thought out to the smallest detail economy and experienced administration. Custom-made web resources are simple and easy to use. All this, the team of professionals of the project "King Life. At the moment, the game mode is under development, but very soon, you can plunge into the exciting world of role-playing game on our project.

How to start?

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GTA Criminal Russia
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Criminal Russia Multuplayer
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About this project

On our game server Criminal Russia Multuplayer you can find a new world of wide possibilities of role-playing game. Here, any player will be able to feel part of the game, influence the events taking place in the state, communicate with other people, work and have fun. By playing on the server you can realize any dream that you only dream of in real life. Here you can become a military, policeman, serve in the FSB, a physician, an instructor, do news, become a businessman or just a worker, and winning a vote, you can even become the governor of the region. If you don’t like the official professions, you can join the organized crime group, the mafia and ultimately become a respected person in the state, who will be obeyed by everyone, including the governor and the police. These are far from all the options that are available for living in the area. Any player can, at his request, change his position, try himself in a new role.